NOTEMATRIX® Big Data Enterprise controlling system is designed for the implementation of medium to large projects requiring high accuracy for large amounts of data. It successfully works where it is necessary to organize compliance with the technology of organizing business processes and accurate observance of the regulations, as well as to provide internal or external control of the enterprise.

A key merit of the system is the availability of convenient, detailed real-time financial monitoring. The software provides transparent mechanisms to control the debt capital and the non-circulating funds, the utilization of which, on the one hand, allows for establishing resources for development, and on the other hand – can significantly reduce the risk of loss of liquidity. There is a set of programming tools needed by the manager in the process of decision making, in particular:

The accounting mechanism in NOTEMATRIX® is an integrated part of the system. Such architecture helps without any additional efforts and costs to realize the interaction of the reporting division and all other divisions of the enterprises and, in addition, to delegate part of the control functions to the accounting employees. The combination of the standard reporting algorithms, the parameterized reports and the adjusted types of operations makes it universal and allows for decision-making in accordance with the local accounting and tax legislation, and for easy integration into the existing business model of the company.

Among the capabilities of the system, the following should also be noted:

The capacity of the system provides real-time operation of large volumes of data – the update of the consolidated balance sheet takes 1 to 60 seconds after the registration of the event. Even with the use of ordinary servers these temporary parameters are executed for the database containing hundreds of thousands of nomenclatures, millions of documents, tens of millions of records and processing thousands of transactions per day.

NOTEMATRIX® has a built-in mechanism to exchange data with external SW (Software) that allows for consolidating information streams from different systems. In fact, the balance sheet is formed in an automatic mode on the basis of the entire available information, including that derived from unrelated software sources.

Given the fact that NOTEMATRIX® database is united and contains the full information about the economic complex, it utilizes the mechanism for allocating powers and restricting the access. This mechanism allows for organizing the user’s jobs in such a way that they will work only with their own set of data and within their powers only.

For Enterprise-solutions based on our system, we provide support with 4-hour response time by professionals at high technical level and high-level decision-making.

NOTEMATRIX® Enterprise controlling system – software of enterprise growth.