NOTESOFT GROUP Ltd. was established for the purpose of placing the NOTEMATRIX® Big Data software on the European and American markets. The major focus of our business is development, implementation and subsequent maintenance of corporate solutions based on this system.

The core of the group consists of companies and individuals who have worked on the corporate software market since 1998 and on the audit services market since 1992.

The group’s headquarters is located in Burgas, Bulgaria.

The development of the NOTEMATRIX® ERP system, launched in 1998, was funded and implemented by the members of the group. In particular, the design takes into consideration the mathematical foundations of the theory of automatic control, accounting, protection and ergonomics of systems.

In February 2003 we started the commercial operation of the system.

At the beginning of 2007 we created version 2.0 of the system, substantially revising it in order to support the processing of tens of millions of records accumulated in the databases of our customers, whose business has evolved for reasons including the use of our solutions as well.

In 2009 the project began to bring operating profit and in the middle of 2011 it reached the stage of return of investment.

In 2011 the infrastructure of the group was almost completely renewed and we started the development of NOTEMATRIX® version 3.0, which provides for server and client cross-platformity, multilingual support, multi-flow options of the client and also distributor support resources.